Circular Regarding Correctly Administering Radio and Television Live Broadcast Reports (Chinese and English Text)


. . . . Live broadcasts of reports with a strong political nature or policy nature require a high degree of technical skill, and if one is slightly careless, then problems will occur. In order to perform the tasks of administering radio and television live broadcast reporting well, and ensure the correct guidance of public opinion, we hereby notify you as follows:

1. Large scale live broadcast reports of significant events by radio and television agencies at all levels, especially those live broadcast reports of activities chaired by central leading cadres, must be reported to the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television for approval.

2. Radio and television agencies at all levels shall firmly establish political sensitivity, an awareness of the current overall situation, and a sense of responsibility, and increase their political acumen and their powers of political discrimination, and carry out increased supervision of live broadcast reports, and strictly examine and screen them to ensure their orientation is correct, and their broadcast is safe.

3. Radio and television administrative agencies at all levels shall diligently carry out their administrative responsibilities, and strive to strengthen their supervision over all live broadcast reports by radio and television stations under their jurisdiction, shall strictly observe discipline, clearly take responsibility, and ensure that all radio and television live broadcast reports are free of problems. They shall handle all of those that violate regulations.



2005年9月10日,国家广电总局向各省、自治区、直辖市广播影视局(厅),新疆生产建设兵团广播电视局,中央人民广播电台、中国国际广播电台、中央电 视台发出《广电总局关于切实做好广播电视现场直播报道管理的通知》,《通知》说,近年来,广播电视充分发挥自身特点和优势,在一些重大活动中积极进行现场 直播报道,效果良好。现场直播报道政治性、政策性很强,操作要求很高,稍有不慎,就会出现问题。为切实做好广播电视现场直播报道的管理工作,确保正确的舆 论导向,现通知如下: