Circular Regarding the Program to Submit Proposals to the City Government's 2006 Plan for Drafting Regulatory Documents (Chinese and English Text)


The following is a translation prepared by the CECC staff of the "Circular Regarding the Program to Submit Proposals to the City Government for the 2006 Plan for Drafting Regulatory Documents" issued by the Changzhou City Government on November 7, 2005. The Chinese text was retrieved from the Changzhou City's Web site on December 7, 2005.

Changzhou City People’s Government Office Document
To each city committee office:

In order to make the work of formulating our regulatory documents proceed in a planned, measured way, we will ceaselessly raise the quality of our regulatory documents, and in order to serve the construction of the city economy and the scientific development of city social enterprises, the city government will organize a plan for drafting regulatory documents.  According to the stipulations in the “Changzhou City Standardized Documents Management Methods,” (Promulgated in 2001 by the Changzhou Government, Document 68), the notification for submitting planned proposals and items to related offices shall be as below:

The formulation of regulatory documents planned proposal items submitted to the municipal government in 2006 must closely center on the central work of the municipal party committee and city government, promoting the economy and social development of the city, advancing urban construction and management in the city, and promoting the standardization and systemization of the urban administrative management.
According to the requirements of the “Administrative Licensing Law”, continue to execute well all work with regulatory documents relating to licensing, including planned proposal items that need to be revised.
According to the principle of the WTO “principle of openness and transparency,” there is generally one month between the time that regulatory documents and other policies and proceedings are promulgated and the time that they are implemented.  All regulatory documents and other policy measures must be openly published in the local main newspaper, the government’s gazette, or in a government specified specialized publication, so that it is convenient for the public to research or examine; if it is not published, it cannot go into effect.  Therefore, regulatory documents and items about the plans to be listed must be submitted by the drafting office to the city government Legislative Affairs Office for examination and verification at least three months before, and the city government Legislative Affairs Office will ask the city government daily affairs council to verify the documents, and after verification they will together organize the promulgation.
Regarding regulatory document items that have not been listed in the plan, city government on principle will not consider or issue them.  If there are special circumstances that require consideration and issuance, related government departments should apply to the appropriate government Legislative Affairs Office, and through the city government Legislative Affairs Office apply to the city government’s General Secretary for approval.
Each department should highly emphasize the work of submitting regulatory documents about planned proposal items, and on a foundation of deep investigation and research, based on each department’s actual circumstances and needs, and according to prominent focal points and the principle of preferring too little to too much, take care to research to clarify the program proposal, and, filling out the requirements on the attached forms, obtaining the approval, signature and seal of the related government department, and before November 30 2005 submit it to the city government Legislative Affairs Office.

Appendix: Form for Submitting Proposals to the City Government for the 2006 Plan for Drafting Regulatory Documents

Changzhou City People's Government Office
November, 7, 2005

Appendix:  [link to Word Document]

[Blank form headings listed below]
Form for Submitting Proposals to the City Government for the 2006 Plan for Drafting Regulatory Documents

Document Name
Proposed Basis (Reason)
Drafting Agency
Approving Agency
Date of Submission




  为了使我市的规范性文件制定工作有计划、有步骤地进行,不断提高规范性文件的质量,更好地为我市经济建设和各项社会事业的科学发展服务,市政府将编制 2006年制定规范性文件计划。根据《常州市规范性文件管理办法》(常政发〔2001〕68号文件)的规定,现将报送计划建议项目的有关事项通知如下:
  三、按照WTO“公开透明原则”的原则,规范性文件和其他政策措施的公布与施行之间一般要有一个月以上的时间间隔,所有规范性文件和其他政策措施都要 在当地主要报纸、政府公报或者政府指定的专门载体上公开刊登,便于公众检索或查阅,不公布的不能生效。因此,对列入计划的规范性文件项目,起草部门要提前 三个月以上报送市政府法制办审核,由市政府法制办提请市政府常务会议审议,审议通过后统一组织公布。





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