Radio, Film, and Television Propaganda Priorities for 2005 (CECC Partial Translation)


The following is a partial translation prepared by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China of "The Radio, Film, and Television Propaganda Priorities for 2005" issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television on February 2, 2005.  The Chinese text was retrieved from the China Internet Information Center Web site on February 22, 2005.
 4. Do an outstanding job of establishing moral ideology among the youth with broadcasting movies and television programs, build the strengthening of ideological political work and a mass spiritual civilization, and create an environment for a civilized and harmonious society.

We must strive to carry forward a nationalist spirit with patriotism at its core, and a contemporary spirit with reform and invention at its core.

6. Strengthen the capability and influence of broadcast television and film with respect to propagandizing abroad, and establish a positive perception of China abroad.

9. Perform public sentiment information work well, perfect the supervision of radio, film, and television propaganda, firmly grasp the initiative in radio, film, and television propaganda work.

Continue to implement Document Number 29 issued by the General Office of the Communist Party ["Regarding the Current Situation of Ideological Theory Domains and Working Measures that Need to Be Adopted"], steadfastly establish political consciousness, an awareness of the overall situation, and a sense of responsibility, insist on using supervision to pursue prosperity and promote development, insist on taking responsibility for your area and strengthening supervision in accordance with the law, scientific supervision, and effective supervision. Never give incorrect ideology or ideas that are unconstitutional or illegal a channel for dissemination.

It is necessary to strengthen the building of radio, film, television, and Internet propaganda battlefields, strengthen collection and analysis of radio, film, and television work trends, as well as the major working trends in news public opinion, creative tendencies, public sentiment in society, public sentiment on the Internet, and radio, film, and television battle lines, and notice clues and trends relating to problems earlier, forecast trends, analyze influences, and put forward countermeasures. . . It is necessary to perfect the ranks of radio, film, television, and Internet propagandists and commentators, aggressively capture the radio, film, television, and Internet propaganda battlefield, support the major radio, film, television, and Internet Web sites, and form a strong radio, film, television, and Internet positive public opinion. . . It is necessary to actively organize and launch online radio, film, and television public opinion struggles, strengthen positive public opinion propaganda, persist in carrying forward the main theme, self-righteously refuse all incorrect ideological and political perspectives and expression, take the initiative in grasping online public opinion work, and block and delete harmful information in a timely manner.





2005年2月2日,广电总局向各省、自治区、直辖市广播影视局(厅),新疆生产建设兵团广播电视局,中央电视台、中央人民广播电台、中国国际广播 电台,各省、直辖市广播影视集团、总台发出《广电总局关于印发2005年广播影视宣传工作要点的通知》,《通知》说,根据中央有关精神和部署,广电总局制 定了《2005年广播影视宣传工作要点》,现印发给你们,请遵照执行。