Chairs' Statement on the Verdicts in the 'Hong Kong 47' Trial

“The Hong Kong government is again bulldozing the freedoms and rule of law that once made it so vital and prosperous. These verdicts are yet another sign that the Chinese Communist Party is pulling the strings, as its extreme efforts to restrict democracy and human rights now dictate Hong Kong’s political and judicial institutions. Let us be clear: the Hong Kong 47 verdicts violate international law and treaty obligations.

“We call on United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, and the United Nations Human Rights Council, to hold an urgent discussion on the consequences of the National Security Law and Article 23 on human rights in Hong Kong.  It is still shocking to consider that recently only Burma and Belarus surpass Hong Kong in the jailing of political prisoners--including many among the Hong Kong 47. 

“We also call on the Biden administration to sanction judges and prosecutors responsible for these political prosecutions. And we urge Congress to pass our Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Certification Act, which would shutter Hong Kong’s diplomatic outposts that are now simply reflexive purveyors of the Chinese government’s policies and propaganda. We will continue to speak up and defend the Hong Kong people against the Chinese Communist Party’s blatant oppression and authoritarianism.”