Chinese Government Agency Regulates Morality, Political Ideology of Television Editors, Reporters, and Announcers

August 18, 2005

China's state-run media report that the State Administration for Radio, Film, and Television has issued two notices intended to regulate the political ideology of television editors and reporters, and the private lives of television announcers:

  • Although some of the requirements listed in the "Professional Ethical Standards for China Radio and Television Editors and Reporters," deal with issues related to professional ethics, for example, "respect the facts" and "insist on objectivity," many of the standards involve ensuring that the people responsible for news broadcasting maintain an ideological stance acceptable to the government. For example, the Standards require people working as editors and reporters at television stations in China (all of which are state-run) to "carry forward nationalistic spirit, uphold the nation's interests, propagate advanced culture, . . . establish a political consciousness, general welfare consciousness, duty consciousness, and maintain correct public opinion guidance . . . ."
  • The "Professional Ethical Standards for China Broadcast Television Announcers and Hosts" require that those persons must "in their work and lives consistently maintain a good bearing and civilized manner."