"Dual Training and Initiative" Campaign in Gansu Called Innovative Way to Implement Jiang's "3 Represents" Theory

February 7, 2005

In early January 2005, the Research Office of the Party's Central Organization Department published this article, which explains how Jiang Zemin's "3 Represents" can "raise the quality" of the lowest Party cadres and speed up economic development. The basic idea is to pair Party cadres with entrepreneurs "skilled at getting rich" so that the cadres can learn economic skills and entrepreneurs can learn how to be cadres. The article praises the "Dual Training and Initiative" projects in basic level Party organs in Gansu province, calling them an innovative attempt to put into practice Jiang Zemin's theory of the "Three Represents."

The idea for this initiative began with a district in Gansu in which county officials worked on "training Party cadres to learn how to become rich, and training those skilled at becoming rich to be Party cadres, showing the masses how to become advanced in this way, leading the masses in doing this, increasing the farmers' income, and increasing the collective wealth." The "dual leadership" half of the project consisted of showing the masses how to speed up development. One example was the reorganization of Party small groups according to occupation or expertise.