Is Real Name Registration a Trend or a Potent Drug?

August 29, 2005

The following is a partial translation by CECC staff of an opinion piece reprinted on the People's Daily Web site indicating the debate within China about requiring Internet users to register on BBSs, news groups, and games using their real names. Click here for more CECC coverage of this issue.

The Internet real name system looks beautiful, but in fact its nothing more than the "fruit of the poisonous tree," which looks tempting and desirable, but in fact is more poisonous than the angel's trumpet flower. And what kind of poisonous result will the Internet real name system bring?

  • The Internet real name system will significantly reduce the sense of freedom and delight that the virtual world gives to Internet users, and will succeed in creating a sterile, non-free, and constrained copy of the Internet society.
  • The Internet real name system will cause the space for expression to become smaller, and the trend toward authoritarianism and despotism will flourish.
  • The Internet real name system will make the Intnernet virtual world become lifeless and without vitality.
  • The Internet real name system will undoubtledly expose the private information of Internet users, and throw it out to be exposed before the eyes of every real name user.
  • The Internet real name system will obstruct the experiences of users.