Ministry of Civil Affairs Circular On Suppressing Illegal Social Organizations (Chinese and English Text)

May 14, 1997

The following is a translation prepared by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China of the "Ministry of Civil Affairs Circular On Suppressing Illegal Social Organizations," issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in January 1997. The Chinese text was retrieved from the Ministy of Civil Affairs Web site on May 17, 2006.
Ministry of Civil Affairs Circular On Suppressing Illegal Social Organizations MOCA letter #91 (1997) to all Civil Affairs bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions, and directly administered municipalities; and the planning boards of municipal Civil Affairs bureaus: According to the spirit of the “Central Party Committee and State Council Circular on Strengthening the Management of Social Organizations and Non-Governmental, Non-Commercial Enterprises” (Central Office #22, 1996), in order to strengthen the management of social organizations and strictly enforce law and discipline, investigate and prosecute in a swift and strict manner illegal organizations that have not registered and independently carry out social activities in the name of a social organization or branch, and to stabilize society, questions regarding the illegal social organizations are addressed as follows: 1) Investigating and prosecuting illegal social organizations is work with a strong policy nature. Civil Affairs offices at all levels, shall take the spirit of Central Document #22 as their guide and the “Regulations for the Registration and Management of Social Organizations,” and the “General Office of the State Council’s Notice to the Ministry of Civil Affairs Regarding the Cleanup and Reorganization of Social Organizations,” as yardsticks, and make the investigation and prosecution of illegal social organizations an important part of their daily agenda. They should strengthen leadership, cooperate fully, adjust resources, pay attention to the key points, and fully carry out investigation and prosecution of illegal social groups. 2) Civil Affairs offices at all levels should doggedly investigate and prosecute illegal social groups operating in their jurisdiction that have not registered and are independently conducting activities in the name of a social organization or branch, advise them to cease all activities, and ask them to voluntarily disband. Those that do not obey such a request will be ordered by the local Civil Affairs office to disband. For those illegal social organizations that do not comply with such an order and continue to carry out activities, Civil Affairs officials should cooperate with public security officials to compel execution. At the same time, a report of the handling of the case will be reported to Civil Affairs officials at the provincial, autonomous regional, or directly administered municipal levels. Included in the report should be any efforts by national and cross-provincial organizations, or their branches, to illegally establish social organizations. 3) When an illegal social organization disbands either voluntarily or by order, the appropriate Civil Affairs office should at that time confiscate that organization’s seal, documents, and all evidence and at that time issue a public statement about the illegal organization. At the same time, it should monitor and take care of any remaining issues related to that organization. 4) Civil Affairs offices at all levels, when investigating and prosecuting an illegal social organization, should meticulously investigate and verify, make sure that the facts are clear, and that the evidence is irrefutable. In very serious cases, they should ask for instructions and avoid rash actions.

民政部关于查处非法社团组织的通知 民社函(1997)91号 1997年 各省、自治区、直辖市民政厅(局),各计划单列市民政局: 根据中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅《关于加强社会团体和民办非企业单位管理工作的通知》(中办发〔1996〕22号)的精神,为加强对社会团体的管理,严肃法纪,从严从快地查处未经核准登记,擅自以社会团体或社会团体分支组织名义在社会上进行活动的非法社团组织,维护社会的稳定,现就查处非法社团组织有的有关问题通知如下: 一、查处非法社团组织是一项政策性很强的工作。各级民政部门要以中办发〔1996〕22号文件精神为指导,以《社会团体登记管理条例》和《国务院办公厅转发民政部关于清理整顿社会团体意见的通知》为准绳,将查处非法社团组织的工作列入重要议事日程,加强领导,统一部署,调整力量,突出重点,把对非法社团组织的查处工作落到实处。 二、各级民政部门对未经核准登记,擅自以社会团体或社会团体分支组织名义在所辖区域内进行活动的非法社团组织,应依法坚决予以查处,劝其停止活动,并自行解散;对拒不自行解散的,由当地民政部门责令其解散;对仍不执行解散命令,继续在社会上进行活动的非法社团组织,民政部门应会同公安部门强制执行。同时将处理结果报省、自治区、直辖市民政厅(局)备案,其中以全国性或跨省、自治区、直辖市社会团体及上述社团的分支组织名义非法成立的社团组织,报民政部备案。 三、各级民政部门对自行解散或责令解散的非法社团组织,要及时收缴其印章、文件和一切凭证,并在相应的报纸上予以公告。同时,监督其做好善后事宜。 四、各级民政部门在查处非法社团组织的工作中,要进行缜密的调查核实,做到事实清楚,证据确凿。对于重大疑难案件,要慎重对待,及时请示,谨防草率处理。