News Report Summarizes 2005 Legislative Plan

March 14, 2005

The China Youth Daily summarized China’s 2005 legislative plan in a March 3 report. According to the report, the NPC and its Standing Committee will consider 31 legislative proposals, including 20 draft laws and 11 amendment proposals, in 2005. The NPC’s legislative priorities reportedly include the Law on States of Emergency, the Anti-Monopoly Law, the Law on Administrative Coercive Measures, and amendments to the Securities Law. For the full agenda, see below.



Legislative proposals approved this year include: the fifth amendment to the PRC Criminal Law, the Decision on Problems in Management of Court Expert Witnesses, the Law on Renewable Resources, and the Anti Secession Law (English, Chinese).

Legislative proposals already scheduled for consideration include: the Law on Correcting Unlawful Acts, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Servants Law, Public Order Punishments Law, Partnership Law, Law on the Protection of Women Rights, Property Law, Notary Law, Personal Income Tax Law, Labor Contract Law, Anti-Monopoly Law, Law on States of Emergency, Supervision Law, and the Compulsory Education Law, as well as amendments to the Company Law, Audit Law, Organic Law of the People's Courts, Organic Law of the People's Procuratorates and further amendments to the Criminal Law.

Legislative proposals for which a hearing in 2005 is still to be scheduled: the Enterprise Income Tax Law, Telecommunications Law, Passport Law, Animal Husbandry Law, Island Protection Law, and Anti-Money Laundering Law.