Outstanding Focus Points: Ruthlessly Grasp Implementation of Realizing the Safeguarding of Publication Market Order (Sichuan)

December 29, 2004

The following is a partial translation by CECC staff of a report that appeared on the Web site of China's national Sweep Away Pornography and Strike Down Illegal Publications Task Force:

From January through October 2004, the entire province mobilized over 38,500 personnel, investigated 9,142 publication markets, banned and shut down 585 illegal markets (collection and distribution centers), sanctioned 59 printing enterprises and banned and shut down 52 printers, imposed administrative sanctions in 225 cases of illegal publications, criminally punished over 6 cases, investigated and confiscated over 3,000,000 illegal publications (over 1,700,000 books, over 1,100,000 audio-visual products, and over 120,000 electronic publications), of these: 8,500 were illegal political publications, and 7,200 were Falun Gong and other foreign reactionary propaganda materials.

Throughout the history of the process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, international and domestic hostile forces have incessantly used publications to carry out political and cultural infiltration of our country, attempting to create ideological chaos, disrupting our country's political quietude and social stability, and thereby achieve their political scheme of westernization and division. Therefore, "Sweeping Away Pornography" and "Striking Down Illegal Publications" is first of all an anti-infiltration and anti-subversion political struggle, it is necessary to strengthen the political power of the Party, the government, and our country. Therefore, while working, the Sichuan Province "Sweep Away Pornography" Office always puts the heaviest emphasis on investigating and prosecuting illegal political publications, and persists in stopping, investigating, and confiscating illegal political publications that carry out ideological and cultural infiltration and various types of fabrications, and smear and defame the leaders of our Party and our country. This year the Sichuan "Sweep Away Pornography" Office investigated and prosecuted five relatively large cases of illegal political publications, which represented one-third of all major cases in the province.