Shanghai Communist Party Paper Says it "Understands" People's Anti-Japanese Feelings; Authorities Detain 42

April 27, 2005

An editorial in the April 26 edition of the Liberation Daily, published by the Shanghai Communist Party committee, stated that 42 "lawbreakers" have been punished in connection with anti-Japanese demonstrations held April 16, and that the police "continue to resolutely pursue and prosecute those lawbreakers engaged in illegal activities such as organizing or inciting illegal assemblies and demonstrations." The Shanghai Evening Post, a sister publication of the Liberation Daily, reported that of those 42, 16 had been detained and 26 had been formally arrested.

The editorial, entitled "Safeguard the Dignity of the Law," goes on to say:

For some time now, the Japanese have adopted an incorrect attitude towards history and other issues, and have continuously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, and some people in cities in China have held demonstrations relating to Japan, and we can understand the patriotic passion of the majority of people, especially young students.

The Shanghai Evening Post recently published an article warning citizens not to use cell phones to "spread rumors" regarding unauthorized anti-Japanese protests.