Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Publishing (Chinese Text and CECC Partial Translation)

General Administration of Press and Publication, Ministry of Information Industry


The following is a partial translation prepared by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China of the "Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Publishing" jointly issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Information Industry on August 1, 2002.  The Chinese text was retrieved from the People's Daily Web site on March 7, 2006.

Article 4:  The General Administration of Press and Publication is responsible for the supervision and administration of the nation’s Internet publishing work.  Its primary responsibilities are:
(i)  formulating the nation’s Internet publishing plans and organizing their implementation;
(ii)  formulating guidelines, policies and rules for the administration of Internet publishing;
(iii)  formulating the plans and organizing the implementation of the quantity, structure and composition of the nation’s Internet publishing;
(iv)  carry out preliminary examination and approval of Internet publishing entities;
(v)  carry out supervision of Internet publishers in accordance with the laws, regulations and rules, and carry out sanctions of those whose behavior violates the nation’s publishing regulations.
The press and publication administration agencies for the provinces, autonomous regions and independent municipalities shall be responsible for the daily administrative work for Internet publishing in their respective administrative jurisdictions, shall carry out examination and approval of applications to operate Internet publishing businesses, and implement sanctions for those within their respective administrative jurisdictions whose behavior violates the nation’s publishing regulations.

Article 5:  As used in these Provisions, Internet publishing refers to the online transmission behavior of selecting or editing by Internet content providers of their own or third party works and posting on the Internet or the transmission via the Internet to end users, and offering to the public for browsing, utilizing or downloading.  These works mainly include:
(i) contents from publications which have already been officially published such as books, newspapers, periodicals, audio/visual productions, and electronic publications or other works which have been publicly distributed by the media;
(ii) works which have undergone editorial treatment such as those relating to literature, human and natural sciences, social sciences and engineering technology.
As used in these Provisions, Internet publishing entities refers to those Internet content providers engaging in the Internet publishing business who have been approved by the administrative agency for press and publication and the telecommunications administration organ.

Article 6:  Engaging in Internet publishing activities may only be done through permission.  No unit or individual may commence in Internet publishing activities without permission.
No group or individual may interfere with, hinder or disrupt Internet publishing entities in engaging in Internet publishing activities in accordance with the law.

Article 7:  Those engaging in Internet publishing operations must, in addition to having the qualifications stipulated in the Administrative Measures on Internet Information Providers, possess the following qualifications:
(i) have a defined publishing scope;
(ii) have articles of incorporation that accord with the stipulations of laws and regulations;
(iii) have necessary editorial publishing organs and specialist personnel;
(iv) have the capital, equipment and premises appropriate to the needs of publishing operations.

Article 8:  Applications to engage in Internet publishing operations shall be submitted by the sponsor to the press and publication administration agency for the province, autonomous region or independent municipality where it is located, and after being examined and approved by, and receiving permission from, the publication administration agency for the province, autonomous region or independent municipality, it shall be sent to the General Administration for Press and Publication for examination and approval.

Article 16:  Any Internet publishing entities which publish significant selections such as those relating to national security or social stability shall file a record with the General Administration of Press and Publication in accordance with the provisions on recording significant selections.  Without recording the significant selections no publishing shall be allowed.

Article 17: Internet publications may not carry the following types of content:
(i)  opposing the basic principles confirmed in the Constitution;
(ii)  jeopardizing the integrity of the nation’s unity, sovereignty or territory;
(iii)  divulging state secrets, jeopardizing national security or harming the honor or the interests of the nation;
(iv)  inciting hatred against peoples, racism against peoples, disrupting the solidarity of peoples  or infringing upon the customs and conventions of peoples;
(v)  propagating evil cults or superstitions;
(vi)  spreading rumors, disturbing social order, disrupting social stability;
(vii)  propagating obscenity, gambling, violence or abetting the commission of a crime;
(viii)  insulting or defaming third parties, infringing on the legal rights and interests of third parties;
(ix)  jeopardizing social ethics or the superior cultural traditions of peoples; and
(x)  having any other content prohibited by law, administrative rules and national regulations.

Article 24: Anyone who engages in Internet publishing activities without permission shall be sanctioned by the publication administration agency for the province, autonomous region or independent municipality or the General Administration of Press and Publication by confiscating any equipment used primarily to engage in illegal publishing activities and, where illegal proceeds are greater than RMB10,000, imposing a fine of more than 5, but less than 10, times the illegal proceeds or, where illegal proceeds are less than RMB10,000, imposing a fine of more than RMB10,000, but less than RMB50,000.



  中国新闻出版总署、中国信息产业部令(第17号) 《互联网出版管理暂行规定》已经2001年12月24日新闻出版总署第20次署务会和2002年6月27日信息产业部第10次部务会审议通过,现予公布,自2002年8月1日起施行。






第一条 为了加强对互联网出版活动的管理,保障互联网出版机构的合法权益,促进我国互联网出版事业健康、有序地发展,根据《出版管理条例》和《互联网信息服务管理办法》,制定本规定。

第二条 从事互联网出版活动应当遵守宪法和有关法律、法规,坚持为人民服务、为社会主义服务的方向,传播和积累一切有益于提高民族素质、推动经济发展、促进社会进步的思想道德、科学技术和文化知识,丰富人民的精神生活。

第三条 在中华人民共和国境内从事互联网出版活动,适用本规定。

第四条 新闻出版总署负责监督管理全国互联网出版工作,其主要职责是:







第五条 本规定所称互联网出版,是指互联网信息服务提供者将自己创作或他人创作的作品经过选择和编辑加工,登载在互联网上或者通过互联网发送到用户端,供公众浏览、阅读、使用或者下载的在线传播行为。其作品主要包括:





第六条 从事互联网出版活动,必须经过批准。未经批准,任何单位或个人不得开展互联网出版活动。


第七条 从事互联网出版业务,除符合《互联网信息服务管理办法》规定的条件以外,还应当具备以下条件:





第八条 申请从事互联网出版业务,应当由主办者向所在地省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门提出申请,经省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门审核同意后,报新闻出版总署审批。

第九条 申请从事互联网出版业务,应提交以下材料:






第十条 新闻出版行政部门应当自受理申请之日起60日内,做出批准或者不批准的决定,并由所在地省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门书面通知主办者;不批准的,应当说明理由。

第十一条 互联网出版业务经批准后,主办者应当持新闻出版行政部门的批准文件到省、自治区、直辖市电信管理机构办理相关手续。


第十二条 互联网出版机构,应当在其网站主页上标明新闻出版行政部门批准文号。

第十三条 互联网出版机构改变名称、主办者,合并或者分立,应当依据本规定第八条、第九条的规定办理变更手续,并应持新闻出版行政部门的批准文件到省、自治区、直辖市电信管理机构办理相应的手续。

第十四条 互联网出版机构终止互联网出版业务,主办者应当自终止互联网出版业务之日起30日内到所在地省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门办理注销手续,并报新闻出 版总署备案。同时,到相关省、自治区、直辖市电信管理机构办理互联网信息服务业务经营许可证的变更或注销手续。

第十五条 互联网出版机构自登记之日起满180日未开展互联网出版活动的,由原登记的新闻出版行政部门注销登记,并向新闻出版总署备案。同时,向相关省、自治区、直辖市电信管理机构通报。

第十六条 互联网出版机构出版涉及国家安全、社会安定等方面的重大选题,应当依照重大选题备案的规定,报新闻出版总署备案。未经备案的重大选题,不得出版。

第十七条 互联网出版不得载有以下内容:











第十八条 以未成年人为对象的互联网出版内容不得含有诱发未成年人模仿违反社会公德的行为和违法犯罪的行为的内容,以及恐怖、残酷等妨害未成年人身心健康的内容。

第十九条 互联网出版的内容不真实或不公正,致使公民、法人或者其他组织合法利益受到侵害的,互联网出版机构应当公开更正,消除影响,并依法承担民事责任。

第二十条 互联网出版机构发现所登载或者发送的作品含有本规定第十七条、第十八条所列内容之一的,应当立即停止登载或者发送,保存有关记录,并向所在地省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门报告并同时抄报新闻出版总署。

第二十一条 互联网出版机构应当实行编辑责任制度,必须有专门的编辑人员对出版内容进行审查,保障互联网出版内容的合法性。互联网出版机构的编辑人员应当接受上岗前的培训。

第二十二条 互联网出版机构应当记录备份所登载或者发送的作品内容及其时间、互联网地址或者域名,记录备份应当保存60日,并在国家有关部门依法查询时,予以提供。

第二十三条 从事互联网出版活动,应当遵守国家有关著作权的法律、法规,应当标明与所登载或者发送作品相关的著作权记录。


第二十四条 未经批准,擅自从事互联网出版活动的,由省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门或者新闻出版总署予以取缔,没收从事非法出版活动的主要设备、专用工具及违法 所得,违法经营额1万元以上的,并处违法经营额5倍以上10倍以下罚款;违法经营额不足1万元的,并处1万元以上5万元以下罚款。

第二十五条 违反本规定第十二条的,由省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门或者新闻出版总署予以警告,并处5000元以上5万元以下罚款。

第二十六条 违反本规定第十六条的,责令停止登载或者发送未经备案的重大选题作品,由省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门或者新闻出版总署予以警告,并处1万元以上5万元以下罚款;情节严重的,责令限期停业整顿或者撤销批准。

第二十七条 互联网出版机构登载或者发送本规定第十七条、第十八条禁止内容的,由省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版行政部门或者新闻出版总署没收违法所得,违法经营额1万元 以上的,并处违法经营额5倍以上10倍以下罚款;违法经营额不足1万元的,并处1万元以上5万元以下罚款;情节严重的,责令限期停业整顿或者撤销批准。

第二十八条 违反本规定第二十二条的,由省、自治区、直辖市电信管理机构责令改正;情节严重的,责令停业整顿或者暂时关闭网站。


第二十九条 本规定施行前按照国家有关规定已经从事互联网出版活动的,应当自本规定施行之日起60日内依据本规定第八条、第九条的规定办理审批手续。

第三十条 本规定自2002年8月1日起施行。