Advocacy Letters

Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray

Letter to International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement Leaders

Chairs Urge NBA Players to End Contracts with Chinese Forced Labor Companies

Chairs Letter to UN Secretary-General Asking for Action to Address Gross Violations of Human Rights in China

Commissioners Ask IOC President To Postpone or Reassign 2022 Olympics if China Does Not End Abuses

Chairs Ask Hilton to End Hotel Project on Site of Destroyed Mosque in Xinjiang

Chairs Seek Affirmation that Forced Labor Not Being Used By New York Fashion Week Exhibitors

Chairs Ask Customs to Bar Imports from Companies Endorsing Use of Xinjiang Cotton as New NBA Season Begins

Chairs' Letter to Airbnb Asking Questions About Its Business Practices in Xinjiang

Chairs Ask Milwaukee Tool About Forced Labor in Its Supply-Chain

Commissioners Ask Thermo Fisher if Products Involved in Human Rights Abuses in Tibet

Response by Thermo Fisher to Commissioner's Letter

Chairs Seek Meeting with High Commissioners to Avert North Korean Refugee Crisis

Chairs Ask NBA For Stance on Forced Labor and Freedom of Expression

Chairs Ask NBPA for Stance on Forced Labor and Freedom of Expression

Chairs Ask DHS to Curb Chinese Seafood Imports Because of Forced Labor

Chairs Ask President to Discuss Political Prisoners and Transnational Repression with Xi Jinping at APEC Meeting

Political Prisoner List for President Biden and Xi Jinping Meeting at APEC

Chairs Ask Secretary Blinken to Sanction Hong Kong Officials Responsible for Imposition of Bounties

Political Prisoner List for PRC's Universal Periodic Review

Chairs Nominate Four Champions of Peace and Freedom for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize