Communist Party Propaganda Department Calls on Nation to Study Model Reporter

May 2, 2005

The Communist Party's Central Propaganda Department and the All-China Journalists Association issued a joint Notice calling for the commencement of "study Gan Yuanzhi activities," according to an April 28 report in Xinhua. Xinhua cited the Notice as saying: "while comrade Gan Yuanzhi worked as a reporter at the 'Hainan Daily,' at no time did he forget that he was a Communist Party newspaper reporter and a Communist Party member, and he passionately reported the successes arising from Hainan province's economic construction and reform opening. . . . When studying comrade Gan Yuanzhi, one should learn that he is loyal to Party journalism, persistent in his Marxist approach to journalism . . . persistent in the correct guidance of public opinion. . . ." China's leadership maintains that the primary obligation of China's journalists is to work for the benefit of the Communist Party.