Fourth Conference on "Public Opinion Supervision through the Media in the New Century" (story in Chinese)

December 8, 2004

In mid-October 2004, three academic organizations studying news and broadcasting announced a conference on "Public Opinion Supervision" to be held on December 12, 2004. The announcement noted that similar conferences on "Public Opinion Supervision through the Media in the New Century" had been held in December 2001, 2002, and 2003. It also emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party's Regulation on Inner-Party Supervision, issued in early 2004, included public opinion supervision in a special section.

The announcement lists the topics to be covered in this year's conference:

1. Media Supervision in the new social environment since the third plenum of the 16th Party Congress.
2. Promotion and guarantee of media supervision under the "Regulation on Inner-Party Supervision".
3. Media supervision and the transformation of Chinese society.
4. Media supervision and the next stage of media reform.
5. Media supervision in the context of Chinese civil society and the structure of the public realm.
6. Media supervision in the context of the construction of political civilization and a democratic rule of law.
7. Collection and analysis of key cases of media supervision in 2004.
8. Public intellectuals and media supervision.
9. The Internet and media supervision.
10. Transregional and transnational media supervision.
11. History, theory, and practical application of media supervision abroad.

The announcement was issued jointly by the News and Broadcasting Departments of the China Youth Academy of Government, the News and Broadcasting Academies of Hebei University, and the Public Opinion Research Center of People's University.