New York Times Report Discusses Liberal Chinese Magazine "Caijing"

April 19, 2005

The April 18 edition of the New York Times published an article discussing "Caijing Magazine," one of China's most liberal news publications and among the few that has avoided being shut down by the Chinese government. The article notes that Caijing has successfully avoided censure or closure by focusing on financial news, avoiding sensitive political topics, and, in the words of editor Hu Shuli,"We go up to the line -- we might even push it. But we never cross it." Like all news media in China, Caijing is not truly independent, and remains subject to government intimidation and influence. The New York Times cited Wang Boming, one of the people who helped obtain financing for the publication, as saying that people from the magazine had been "called in occasionally and had to perform a 'self-criticism.'" The article also points out that the Stock Exchange Executive Council, a state-owned entity loosely tied to the nation's stock market, owns the magazine.