Persist in Striking Down Illegal Publication Activities, Work Hard to Create an Environment Conducive to Social Culture - The 18th National "Sweep Away Pornography" and "Strike Down Illegal Publications" Task Force Teleconference Opens in Beijing

September 13, 2005

The following is a partial translation by CECC staff of a report that appeared on the Web site of China's national Sweep Away Pornography and Strike Down Illegal Publications Task Force:


Liu Yunshan [Member of the Political Bureau and Secretariat and Director of the Communist Party's Central Propaganda Department] pointed out that, the fundamental way to implement treatment of both the symptoms and the root cause of problems in the publishing market is to build perfected mechanisms for investigating and prosecuting in accordance with the law, enforcing law in a cooperative way, and comprehensively administering public order. It is necessary to have a complete grasp and proper utilization of legal weapons, to investigate and prosecute cases in a timely manner, and use the power of the law to intimidate criminals illegal publishing behavior.

Shi Zongyuan, Director of the General Administration of Press and Publication, Director of the National Copyright Office, and Deputy Chief of National "Sweep Away Pornography" and "Strike Down Illegal Publications" Task Force also spoke at the meeting. Throughout 2005 the work of "Sweeping Away Pornography" and "Striking Down Illegal Publications" will most heavily emphasize stopping, investigating, and confiscating illegal political publications.